4 ways of attracting abundance in your life.

What is the true meaning of abundance? 

The word Abundance has its dictionary meaning, which is a very large quantity of something – but the true meaning of the word, the spiritual meaning, refers to life in its absolute;  means a fullness of joy and strength for mind, body and soul.

We all unconsciously seek abundance in our lives ; Whether it be more money, health and more satisfaction and less negativity, this is all actually called abundance. Here are 5 ways you can attract abundance in your life:


Simple. Give gratitude – to your family, to the roof under your head, to mother nature, give gratitude to anyone and anything in your daily lives. Gratitude is one of the most important tasks of creating abundance in your life. It shows that with all that you have you are satisfied and well-balanced in your life. Therefore be grateful for what are given and for what you give.

You can start with a very simple way: One morning as soon as you wake up, grab any notebook and pen. Write down a list of things you are grateful for, it can be literally anything; and every day write a new list. I will give you the first one :

1. what in nature are you most grateful for?

2. what are you most grateful for in your childhood?

3. what lesson in life are you most grateful for experiencing? 

4. what 3 people in your life are you most grateful for? 

5. what about your body are you most grateful for?



Have a strong sense of purpose – and if you haven’t found your purpose in life, then start searching for it. It’s normal that some of us haven’t yet found it..it took me a very long time and find my purpose, but when i did i felt an immense ease taken away from my soul and i felt so happy.

Another simple technique to find your purpose in life:

Wake up, grab a notebook and write 5 things you like about yourself and 5 things you don’t like and wish to change. Next, write out your goals – short-term goals, and long-term . Ones you wish to achieve in the future, and ones you wish to achieve right now. Take your time to really imagine yourself achieving your ultimate goal, with a huge smile on your face.

Finally, write some positive affirmations on some post-its and stick them around your house. One for example could be: “Everyday, in every way, i am getting better and better.”


Love yourself!

Accept yourself!

Love others around you, love your close friends and your closest enemies. Forgive everyone and most importantly, forgive yourself and your thoughts. The biggest point of abundance in one’s life is love and acceptance.


To be able to attract abundance in your life your mind must be in the present. Negative thoughts, traumas and bad memories of the past will only drag you further away from achieving what you want and giving you happiness.

Let go of the past, enjoy your present thoughts and focus on your future plans. To start off easier here is an exercise you can do daily:

1. Wake up daily with a short 5-minute meditation, by putting any relaxing music, sitting in a comfortable position with your hands lightly on your lap, closing your eyes and releasing all thoughts. It will be difficult at first, but the music and focus will definitely help with cancelling out any thoughts that are coming to the mind in that moment. Take those 5-10 minutes of your day to completely focus on yourself and your well-being. 

2. Write out your future plans one by one in detail, and read them everyday.

3. Meet new people, be more social and more active on the Internet.

4. Wake up everyday with the thought of your well-being and your happiness. 


I hope this will help you attract Abundance in your life, change the way you think and help you achieve your ultimate goal in life!

Keep Smiling,



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