Hello there.

My name is Mila Pavlovic. I am a certified yoga instructor specializing in Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa Flow- a rigorous style of yoga which focuses on the flow of the breath as well as the dynamic positions and sequences of the flow.

I live in Limassol, on the beautiful island of Cyprus where i hold my classes either in the studio or on the beach depending on the season. I come from Serbia, and have been living in Cyprus for the past 20 years of my life.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for about 5 years now. I vividly remember how i came to yoga- as I was a dancer before discovering it, my passion was always the movement of the body, music, and breath – the connection of all these elements brought me to discover yoga, which has changed my life ever since.

I had primarily chosen to pursue my studies in Italy in languages for business communication,which i did for a year, until i came to the conclusion that this is not my path in life. I’ve journeyed through many opportunities and finally arrived to what i want to do – i am currently studying Psychology, which is a subject in my opinion strongly connected to Yoga. These two have opened my eyes to a completely different world. I can finally say i have found my path in life and am willing to share with you my current lifestyle with Yoga and Meditation.

I am very glad that you are here to journey with me through this beautiful life,



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