WorldOfSpiritual – Asanas and their benefits.

Asanas, or poses, in Yoga are the number one reason yoga exists as a way of life. The word Asana derived from the sanskrit word for ‘seat’ , as in a meditation pose, or standing, lying or sitting pose. There are different reasons asanas benefit our daily lives; different asanas can help different muscles, organs and in […]
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World of Spiritual – Why is meditation important?

Dear friends, I welcome you all to this fresh new year, hoping it will bring you happiness and health. We should all be slowly coming back to our normal selves after this short holiday, bringing back our daily routines, giving up old habits and trying out new things. I have just recently got back to […]
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Pranayama- breath control

Prana, breath of life, energy; It is considered as one of the most important elements in yoga practice, followed by breath control.   What is Prana? Prana means energy, life force, surrounding each of us. As an essential bodily function, breathing is an involuntary act. Although we cannot control whether or not we breathe, we […]
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