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World Of Spiritual – AM I SELF-REALIZED?

The most common question asked, “am I self-realized?” , “how do I know if I’m spiritual?” , “how do i BECOME spiritual?”

There is no specific technique or practice when it comes to spirituality. Nowadays, a lot of stress is present on earth: in our daily lives, work, family, money.. and it is something we all experience; some more, some less.  This is why people search for something to take their stress away; it could be a peaceful walk in the park, it could be sitting at home with rock music on full blast, or taking simple medicine to take the pain away. Everyone has a different perspective on the idea of ‘relaxation’: spirituality is one of them. Those who choose this path, are the ones who work on themselves; this is why it’s called Self-Realization. You may think “okay what do I need to do to become spiritual?” It’s not that hard. There are no lessons for that, no techniques.. it’s simple: mindfulness. The term mindfulness is exactly what it means. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It is a quality we ALL have, just haven’t realized it yet.

People who are self-realized are capable of seeing things differently, experiencing different emotions they never knew existed. Noticing things they had never noticed before. That is the mind, conscious of what is around it, what kind of people it is interacting with.

Try one day to take a moment during your busy day to pause, open your eyes take a deep breath and notice what’s around you. You may notice something you didn’t expect to. Then you remember to do something you never thought of doing.. Do this every day and you will slowly start to realize the beauty in everything around you.

Spirituality can also be ‘believing’. People who believe in God will pray in his name to make their wish come true, to heal their loved ones or anything that they wish to happen. I for example strongly believe in the signs and signals the Universe gives me. I will give you an example : I was driving through town one day on my way to work through the same streets I pass through every day, as I was driving I suddenly got this strong feeling that I should turn left instead of right like I usually do, as if the something in my head told me to, what I say is the Universe. Turns out there was huge traffic in that street where I was going to turn which meant I would wait and end up being late for work.

Little details like that, feelings, it all means we are truly connected to the above. Whether it be God, Buddha, or the Universe we all interpret it in a different form yet we don’t realize it is actually the same thing we all believe in.

Enjoy the moments in your life, take care of yourself and the ones you love, watch for signs and most importantly, love yourself.


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Yoga Blog Private Classes Best Instructor yoga Ashtanga Personal blog journal Trainer Fitness Cyprus Limassol Relax Spirituality Studio Training Flexibility

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