World of Spiritual – Why is meditation important?

Dear friends,

I welcome you all to this fresh new year, hoping it will bring you happiness and health. We should all be slowly coming back to our normal selves after this short holiday, bringing back our daily routines, giving up old habits and trying out new things.

I have just recently got back to practicing my daily yoga classes, and i feel amazing. During the holidays i do have to admit i was really up to nothing, but i decided to enter into 2020 with a strong mind, and an even stronger consciousness.

This is why i have come today to talk a little about how important meditation is for everyone. Meditation can be interpreted in many different ways; different techniques and styles. Whatever it may be it always ends up to one answer to what meditation is and how it can help you: It is the connection of one with the whole; the om; the power of the mind associated with the above. Meditation is crucial because it makes us realize who we are, what we want, and if we do it daily, can even give us answers to our problems.

I will use myself as an example: I have had a pretty rough week mentally and physically, struggling to make ends meet, life problems etc.. but that didn’t stop me from continuing to fight for myself and get through it by myself. Meditation has played a major role in my life until now..and whenever i feel down and hopeless, i sit and meditate for a while focusing on an image of what i want the solution to be. This is called mind control, or in other words, the mirror of the mind.

I say mirror because during the process of focus i create two types of mirrors in my mind; the first one i make it blue, and i insert an image of my problem. I then take it away, swipe it off, and i insert a white one instead,and i put the solution to my problem. I focus on the solution and enter into alpha state.

After doing this you will start getting different kinds of signs from the universe as a guide to your solution. You may not notice them at first but after a while you will the difference in your life.

Anyone can try this and i highly recommend it to anyone who is new to meditation and spirituality.

Namaste !

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