Yoga in quarantine – COVID-19 lockdown

My dear lovely friends…in these beautiful but intense times we are all to gather together virtually, stay indoors physically and work on ourselves mentally!

I bring you all here today to share a few words with you about how to cope with quarantine stress.

Now, I myself am not the best in managing to stay home for such a long time; on the contrary, I need to get out! I need to be in contact with nature! However, in these difficult times the only thing left to do is to follow government rules, and most importantly, adjust to a new, different lifestyle. Whether we like it or not, the lifestyle we have been given will be a part of our daily lifestyle for now. Nevertheless, we should be capable of continuing our daily lives, working on keeping  our brains active, our bodies in movement and our creativity open.

To help you with that i have been posting and sharing some short home yoga videos for you guys to practice at home, whenever you want! Our yoga classes are sadly not available since the studio is closed, as well as the beaches. However, this is the perfect opportunity to use your room as your little yoga corner, which you can decorate, put candles and a yoga mat for practice and meditation!

The IGTV videos I have been posting can be found on my profile on Instagram, WorldOfSpiritual.  Feel free to take a look at them, try them out and let me know how you’re progressing! If you ever have any other request for a video, or question about the videos, do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or Instagram!

Now let’s go on and see some useful tips and things to do during quarantine: 

  1. Cooking and baking: What’s more fun than learning how to cook and experimenting with different foods to use for your family or friends!
  2. Meditation: A short meditation of 5 minutes everyday can help to open your spiritual side, connect you to the universe, get you involved in deep mindfulness, your subconscious mind and many more to explore about the unknown! The best websites for starting meditation i advise you to use are:

3. Read lots of books!

4. Spend quality time with your family! : Family is the most important, and sometimes we don’t get the chance to spend some time with our parents, our children and relatives. We live busy lives, full of stress and movement. This is the perfect time to be grateful for our families who support us in everything. If you haven’t gotten the chance, tell your parents you love them, and thank them for everything they gave you. Trust me you won’t regret it!

5. Let your imagination go wild : The Internet is now FILLED with so many new things to try out; art, design, photography and so much more! You can easily let your creativity out, try something new and you never know, you might find a hidden talent you never knew about 😉


I wish you all health, love and happiness in these next few weeks of lockdown. Stay healthy, stay indoors and send your hopes to the universe, let it do its job. After all, planet Earth is currently in recovery, so it’s up to us to help our planet to recover as soon as possible!


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