Yoga Psychology? – How Yoga connects with our psychology

If the title of this blog caught your eye and made you wonder..what does yoga have to do with Psychology? This is my answer: it definitely has a lot to do with it. And not only. 

As a Psychology major, every day I am learning more and more theories, facts and behaviors of human beings in daily life. What got my attention the most is when i got the enlightenment during one yoga class and realized how yoga in general actually coincides with psychology in many different ways. Not only is the movement of body an important factor for brain activity and muscles, but it’s also the way the focus during yoga brings your psychology to a whole different level.

Most of us already know the benefits of yoga in our life; and I have already mentioned it in many of my other blogs (you can check them out in my blog section)  , but the real deal is to believe that yoga can actually reduce the symptoms of major psychological disorders? Well, as far as I know and as far as my research is concerned, it is proven that practicing yoga on a daily basis can actually reduce some mild depression, insomnia or large amounts of stress and anger issues. Some of the research i have done also includes that yoga can actually act in a very similar way to antidepressants or any other medication taken for mild disorders.

Now back in the day – we’re talking like hundreds of years ago – yoga was seen as a major spiritual approach to realize one’s self and to reach to maximum potential of the mind, the body and spirit. Life as we know it nowadays has evolved in such a way that human beings are the complete opposite of how they were in the past. Which means, the real meaning of yoga evolved too. Yoga in our days is seen as more of physical exercise, muscle toning and short meditation once a week just to let go of some stress we are having during our busy week; notice how i mention once more ” let go of some stress”, which means that yoga does actually play a crucial role in our psychology. Less stress = clearer mind.

Now i may have mentioned too many times about how yoga benefits our health but i cannot stress this enough – Yoga is one of the most beautiful ways to just let go of everything, including life problems, health problems and general issues we all have at least once in our life. Psychology on the other hand talks about behaviour, mental activity and internal mental processes.

Now according to my research, Yoga in the idea of curing psychological disorders is definitely NOT the only solution.There hasn’t yet been a large study on this case – which I’m hoping will happen one day – to be able to confirm that people with mental illnesses can turn to yoga any time . I’m not saying that you have to replace your medications with yoga, I’m just saying that It’s a promise and a potential.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and managed to learn something, the same way I have!

Wishing you all a pleasant day full of Love and Light,

Namaste 🙂

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